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Play Station 4 – Next Generation Gaming

Play Station 4

Play Station 4 aka PS4 is the latest video game console developed by Sony. PS4 is the successor to PlayStation 3. Sony launched the newest addition on 15 November 2013. PS4 is the eighth generation console that is launched to compete with Wii U and Xbox One. Read More »

Flexible Mobile Phones – New era in Mobiles

Flexible Mobile Phones

A new era in Mobile Technology has begun with the development of Flexible Mobile Display. Many famous mobile manufactures have geared up to launch their new display phones. Samsung has reviled its first Flexible AMOLED display mobile at CES 2014. LG has also developed flexible display mobile named G-Flex. It has a curved OLED display. Read More »

5G Technology & Services

5G Technology

South Korea is most known for its pioneer work in the field of technology and internet. South Korea was the first country to implement 4G technology for its citizens. Keeping up the good work South Korea has now planned to launch 5G internet module. It is believed 5G will open a new world full of possibilities for new apps and ... Read More »