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Lumia 735 vs Lumia 730

Lumia 735 vs Lumia 730

Nokia an established Finnish mobile brand has launched a couple of dazzling phones Lumia 735 and Lumia 730. The company has introduced immense colour into the market with the two brands. Techie enthusiasts who are into Lumia brands will be mesmerized by the extent of colour quality on both devises and it is hard to pick the better model. Let’s ... Read More »

The Best Technology for the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Best Technology

A bachelor pad is one of the luxuries that not every man gets to experience. A bachelor pad is something that should be carefully considered and planned to get the best use and most reward from it. There are a million bachelor pads that turn into dirty basements without any function other than playing video games and eating junk food. ... Read More »

LG G5 : Marvel of 2015


Our tech world is busy in producing another gem, technological gem that will be present before our eyes by the next year. Yes we are talking about the LG’s to-be-launched G5 ! It has created a new buzz in the tech world and tech geeks are also desperately waiting to know more about this super smart smartphone. Like other top ... Read More »

Samsung and Its Upcoming Smartphones


SAMSUNG AND ITS UPCOMING SMART PHONES Hello people !! We hope that you had amazing technological year. The year 2014 is about to end just in a few days and you must be what new are you going to get in the coming new year?? And we also know that you must be expected something huge from the Samsung which ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z5

In this rapidly advancing era of technology , no firm can afford the luxury of relaxing and not working for a while. Mushrooming of so many tech firms or smart phone manufacturers has made the competition in the tech world a tougher one. Every firm , be it a top one or a new one , has to keep itself ... Read More »

Best Cleaning Tips for Wood Furniture

cleaning wood furniture

Overview Wood is among the most prevalent sorts of furniture found in homes today. With the extensive variety of shades and styles accessible to browse, you can without much of a stretch utilization wood furniture to make a conventional, nation, present day or other look. Since wood furniture is found in many homes, you may be hunting down an advantageous ... Read More »

Buying Property with the Mobile Software

Best Property App

If you’ve ever had to purchase property, within India, you’ve likely experimented with the website. During your time with the website, you probably used a flexible platform, which allows you to find the exact type of property that you were looking for. Of course, the application, which is now available for the Android and iOS operating systems, is a ... Read More »