6 Great Games to Use with a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are more commonplace for businesses or companies that want to maintain websites for their customers. But what not many people know (except for those who are gaming enthusiasts) is that Dedicated Servers or Dedicated Server Hosting Plans are also great for computer games because of their fast speed and performance capacities. Of course there are certain types of games that can benefit a lot from Dedicated Servers rather than all types of games.If you are interested in knowing at least 6 great games to use with Dedicated Servers, keep on reading to find out!

Minecraft. A game that requires players to break and place blocks, Minecraft can be played together with other people. It consists of blocks that one can manipulate in order to create really great scenes and characters. The scene could present lovers watching the sunset at the beach, farmers and green landscapes, characters swimming in the open seas, a bustling metropolitan – it could be anything! At the same time, the game has a mode wherein there are monsters from The Nether and these monsters creep to players’creations in order to destroy them so players have to be wary of them. There is also a mushroom land for players who fancy such places.

Terraria. Similar to Minecraft, Terarriais a multi-player game that took sandbox creativity and turned it into varying game modes. The game encourages players to create, explore and maintain their own world. Players can build their own shelters, dig mineral resources and create at least 300 different magical weapons. Furthermore, they can battle others, engage in fishing activities, Ride 7 types of Mount, craft recipes, build more shelters or discover Floating Islands.


Counter Strike.The 1990’s saw the birth of Counter Strike which is a first-person game played in teams. The current version which is Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) offers new maps, leader boards and game play modes that could be set up and run in Dedicated Servers.Counter Strike gamers can form their teams and battle other teams as one unit or they can join a match on their own.

Don’t Starve Together. Don’t Starve Together is a 2014 spin-off of the game Don’t Starve. It has 3 game modes namely survival, wilderness and endless. It also has a new feature known as Ghost Players, which are actually dead players who continue to play but they are only given limited capacities. The game’s Survival mode is more difficult compared to its Endless mode. DST’s Wilderness mode is designed to reflect the difficulty level of Survival minus the presence of Ghost Players.There are also new entities, new emotes and a DLC called Through the Ages which presents new game content and the capability to mount a Beefalo – the neutral herd of the Savanna biome.

Don't Starve Together
Chivalry.Otherwise known as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, this game was developed by Tom Banner Studios. Chivalry features the fictional nation of Agatha which is divided into two parties, both working on gaining complete control over the nation. It is a multi-player action game that can be played either from a first person or third person perspective. It also has 7 game mode options which allow players to fight for themselves as separate entities or join a team and battle against other teams in an arena. In addition, players can choose one of the four classes available for gameplay, with each class having its own set of weapons or armour and colours.

Left for Dead 2. A game that features the Zombie Apocalypse, it is an action-horror game that takes players across Savannah to New Orleans fighting against infected creatures including the creatures called Mudmen. Gamers can take the role of survivors Coach, Nick, Ellis or Rochelle, create their own weapons such as baseball bats,axes, frying pans and chainsaws and lead their friends across the landscape.

The thing is, all these games use a lot of CPU memory because of the insurmountable data that come with them. Plus, for extreme gamers, play-time is usually long so they wouldn’t be too happy if the games would keep on crashing (this can happen if the server isn’t good). Likewise, their multiplayer aspects would require gamers to have fast servers so that teams could work well together.Thus, there is a need to use Dedicated Servers since they have at least 15TB Bandwidth.32 GB to 16 GB RAM and at least 100 Mbps connection. Now that’s fast!

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