First alert rd1 Radon Gas Test Kit Review

First alert rd1 Radon Gas

The radioactive gas which occurs naturally is a radon. A family can suffer a lot if there is radon gas in high amount at their place. This would affect their health a lot. With the help of walls, the radon can crawl into the house or there can be other constructional flaws which may give an invitation to the radon. ... Read More »

Need More Time? Get Home Automation on The go

Home Automation

It is the age of technology where everything is high-tech. In this fast paced world, one thing that we all run short of is – time. You all keep thinking of new ways to save time on both small and big everyday tasks. But all the time that you have is still not enough. So, need more time? – For ... Read More »

Top 4 Gaming Laptops with Amazing Features

MSI GS70 Stealth

If you have been planning to buy a good laptop for quite some time, then here is the right time for you to take the decision. If you intend to buy a laptop specifically for gaming, then you will have to look at some specific ones. Recently, there have been a great surge in the number of awesome gaming laptops ... Read More »

6 Great Games to Use with a Dedicated Server

Don't Starve Together

Dedicated Servers are more commonplace for businesses or companies that want to maintain websites for their customers. But what not many people know (except for those who are gaming enthusiasts) is that Dedicated Servers or Dedicated Server Hosting Plans are also great for computer games because of their fast speed and performance capacities. Of course there are certain types of ... Read More »

War of OS iOS 9 VS Android Lollipop

iOS 9

There are some features, which Apple needs to ping in iOS 9. Many time you encounter the update of new version of iOS or Android is mentioned anywhere in blog or news. Only the quick and exact reveal you get from when the phone is with you. Have your glance on the features, which Apple would like to keep in ... Read More »

XMTV Player – Ultimate solution for online TV viewing!

online TV

Not all of us have the leisure of viewing TV all throughout the day. Most of us have to reach the office on time and have deadlines to meet. But, does that mean we can’t watch our favorite sports channel or news channel every day. Missing out on that crucial game can be detrimental to your productivity as well because ... Read More »

Cutting the Cord : Advantages of VoIP for Business

Cutting the Cord

Where VoIP was once the best kept secret in communication, advances in standards and infrastructure have made the service one of the most exciting concepts in business. VoIP has evolved tremendously since its origins just a few years ago, and presents a number of advantages over a traditional telephone connection in its current form. VoIP uses the Internet to send ... Read More »

5 Tips on buying a power bank

Ultra Power Bank

The smartphones are getting powerful with every passing day. While manufacturers and the people working behind them are doing everything they can to make the devices efficient but with the increasing hardware capabilities, it is inevitable that they will need more power. Battery technologies have also come a long way and now we see high capacity batteries in mobile devices ... Read More »

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac

dvd fab

The basic function of a DVD copy for Mac is the capacity to eliminate the copy protection which is found on most of the discs from any retailer. DVDFab Mac DVD copy has advanced technology to decrypt the algorithms and making a protected DVD free to copy and clone. This is very handy software to have in your Macintosh operated ... Read More »