7 Major Tips That Would Help You Create Effective Mobile Videos for Your Business

Before beginning with the blog I would like to know how often you use your mobile phone. And the answer to the question probably a lot. Business videos come in several different varieties say for example explanatory videos, about us videos and marketing videos with the mission of educating, entertaining and sometimes both. And though there is no way to guarantee that your business videos would garner you with tens thousands views, given below are some of the major tips that would help you create effective mobile videos for your business.

create effective mobile videos for your business

Don’t just think but shoot: Though the blog would be offering you with some solid tips today, the best thing about mobile videos is that as long as you have a you have a smart phone you would not have much to think about it. All you would require here is a set up and think about your shot up. If you have a tripod for your smart phones you could easily have it set on your desk and pointed at you recording the entire matter in just a few seconds.

Understanding who your market audience is: Before you begin writing the script have the camera rolling, it is important to know who your marketing audience is and what they needs are. Your business objectives would here help you segment what their needs and requirements are. Say for example if your main goal here is to drive the business objectives, your audience would here then be quite different and larger than say folks already on your site who needs a little nudging dropping the products into the cart.

Keeping it short and simple: You would here need to understand that the average video is watching on the go. You might be having viewers who would be watching your business videos while they are waiting in line, or during the meetings, while travelling in the train, or when the bathroom. So if you have a video that is running more than a couple of minutes, viewers would then be running out of time, not wanting to download it and forget about it entirely. So in short it’s always good that you have videos created short and simple especially when it comes to mobile phones.

What conversations you want to have: Online videos provide you with an opportunity of interacting directly with the marketing audience allowing them to provide a feedback for all the products and services you have been offering. Having videos being tagged as favourite or calling an 800 numbers in order to participate in surveys, ratings or contents could be considered as types of engagement.

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Having a call to action button in the end: Like the content marketing channel it is important that your video also should be clear and direct call to action at the end. So do not miss the opportunity of having your marketing audience engaged and pointing them to the next step of your sales funnel. In short you could also ask your employees to subscribe to your news letters or call directly for more information just by clicking on the call to action button.
Making use of all the tools available to you: Mobile videos have an incredible advantage especially when there are tools available that you could use both to film and share the business video. And in order to reach the large number of marketing audience it does become important that you make use of all these tools. Smart phones these days have cameras with a high quality that helps you making short videos. Through the cell phones you could here capture short, unscripted moments sharing them instantly giving an authentic look. And when it comes to sharing of business videos there are tons of websites available having unique advantages allowing you to reach the large number of marketing audience.

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Watching the video again and again: Don’t just have your videos uploaded on various websites without even thinking about it. You would have to review them and see if they look and sound good when checked on various devices. You need to make sure that video is easy enough to see and understand no matter what. You would also want to review the performance of your video, getting input from outside as well. Find out individuals who could watch your business videos giving a feedback in order to know that there are no issues being overlooked.

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