Don’t Quit Your Day Job — Reach Out for Help

Are you employed to a full time day job? Well, if you are running a blog or thinking of starting one then I am sure you will be tempted by the thought of quitting your day job and put your efforts on your blog. This thought is actually tempting but is not a good idea at all. Unless your blog is well established and making huge money for you. Since amount of time and efforts you will be required to put on your blog are not definite so quitting your job does not seem to be a good option. Keep working honestly for your day job as well while also managing time for your blogging efficiently. Who knows your job may become a wonderful exit strategy for yourself employment.

If you have serious decided to work on blogging then time will come when you will be in condition to leave your job and devote your full time for your passion. But for that you will have to make your day job a support for blogging. By keeping on your job you may get a good financial support to back up your blogging effectively. The most important reality is that building an online community and audience will take a lot of time. Suppose if you have left your job and are putting your efforts on blogging. Within your struggling period you may get surrounded by frustrations and irritations because of your continuous efforts and comparatively slow results. Moreover in this struggling period you may come to know whether you are actually able to carry on your passion forward. So don't think of quitting your job.

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Manage Your Time

While doing your job it is important to manage time effectively to groom your newly found passion. After your job write your new ideas while watching TV, lying on bed or doing any extra time being activity. If you are a really a passionate person about blogging then the time you will devote for your blogging will not make your feel heavy or tired. You will love doing it as it is your personal interest and not a job. But it is also important to give time for your health and wellbeing as well. Don't neglect your food and exercises. Keep in mind that whatever amount of time you will devote to your blog should be devoted will full capability and concentration.

Reach Out for Help from People

It is quite easy to say that we can manage time for blogging while doing a day time job. But in reality it is not as easy as it seems. As after spending majority of hours in your office, you may not feel fresh to spend time on blogging energetically. Then how this is going to work while a full time job? The answer is, reach out to more people from the group of your audience for help. Yes, this is the best idea to engage more people on your blog while also having regular postings on it. You cannot go alone in this path and if you managed to do that, even then at some point you may feel overly tired or restless.

Post some help related articles on your blog asking the community of your readers to be a part of your team. You may get help from professional bloggers and coaches as well and you will definitely be able to find quite friendly persons, bringing their hands forth for your help. This is not about making these people post guest posts on your blog, rather be a part of your team for taking it to the next level.

You can also offer login and posting abilities to reliable ones to post engaging content

on your blog. You may indulge them in giving opinions for better design and development of your blog. Let them post their ideas to your blog and always give credit to them for their contributions by writing their names along with their posts. By doing this you will not only be taking your blog to a path for success but also be creating a good online community for your blog.Hope this post will help you stay in your day job while also take your blogging passion. alongside.

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