Grand Theft Auto 6 : Everything We Know and Everything We Don’t About GTA Next Gen

It has been over 2 years since GTA 5 was released into the world of online multiplayer gaming. So now it is time for the game-enthusiasts to ponder over the specs, characters and release date of the 6th edition of awesomeness. Let us take a quick peek at what awaits us, the GTA addicts, in the near future.

Grand Theft Auto 6

How long will the wait be?

The latest rumors push the dates of release back from 2018 to 2020. This may be due to the unexpected resignation of Leslie Benzies from Rockstar entertainments. But once released the GTA 6 will keep Xbox, PS and PC gamers hooked to their gaming consoles for days and even months at a stretch as is the norm for all GTA games.

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Will it be Tokyo or Las Vegas?

Many months ago the players were hoping and analysts were speculating a version of the game to be based in Tokyo. The latest reports from the development studios of Rockstar confirm that Tokyo may not be a recent possibility just like any other out of US locations. Tokyo was mainly rejected as a possible location due to its non-amicable road networks.

Once Tokyo was ruled out London became the next big dream location of all the gamers. But some constraints in developing an interactive map of the city have led the developers to stick to local cities only.
At the moment Las Vegas seems like a great possibility. Sin City itself has never been featured in GTA and the golden 70’s era may bring a new charm to the 6th edition of the online multiplayer game.  the game developers say that they have over 45 years’ worth of ideas to work on which gives very less time for them to rest till GTA 6 is launched.

Really? The entire map of the USA on GTA 6?

There are new rumors which state that complete maps of the United States may be included in the game. This will allow the players to toggle between cities during a live game. But these rumors can be easily proven as baseless by the sheer lack of the infrastructure which would support such a huge size of a GTA map across all types of consoles. But then again, with the dates pushed back to a million years away (read 2020) the brilliant thinkers at Rockstar may just come up with a brilliant plan to circumvent the current problem.

Welcome new female characters

This is good news for all gamers who have been waiting for a prominent female character. This is definitely brilliant news for all the female gamers who want an impressive, life-like female lead in the testosterone driven world of Grand Theft Auto.

As Leslie Benzies has simply put, “Rockstar did not give much thought about developing a female character for the previous versions of the game. However with the changing face of the world we will now definitely think about including female characters in the game.”

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