iPhone 8 Rumours

There are many rumours circulating in the market related to iPhone 8 and its features. Various sources will give you different information regarding release date, features, design, price of iPhone 8 but here we have compiled some information from trusted sources about iPhone 8. Apple usually doesn’t make it public anything related to its new launch till the official launch of its smart phone. But following the current trends of the company it is rumoured that iPhone 8 will hit the markets probably by 2017/18. Company has also launched iPhone SE to replace its evergreen iPhone 5S series. Here we will look at some of the rumoured specifications of iPhone 8 that are most likely to be present in this phone. But you have to wait for couple of years to witness the real features and specifications of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 display rumours

It is much speculated in the market that Company will launch 5.8 inch smart phone in 2017/18 and this will be the year for the launch of iPhone 8 only if we don’t see any delays by the company. The OLED display with curved glass will likely to feature in iPhone 8. We can also see oleo phobic coating various little additions in iPhone 8 in terms of display quality.

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iPhone 8 possible features

There are rumours about some features which will be present in iPhone 8. Those features are lightening port, hands free unlock, dust and water proof display, wireless charging, Find my iPhone apps and much more. All these features will definitely increase the worth of this phone in the coming future and it will be really difficult to beat the standards of this smart phone as compared to others. Improved camera quality, battery usage, processor and software will all make this iPhone 8 a big gain for company after its launch.

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iPhone 8 Rumoured price

The company has already touched the INR 90,000 mark after the launch of iPhone 6S and in the coming future it can be seen that iPhone 8 Price touching INR 1, 20,000 mark easily. The company is capable enough of providing some excellent and worthy features so why not to increase the price with every coming model. The prices of iPhone have never affected any user as they are desperate of using every model by this company despite of its higher prices. iPhone has become the symbol of class and quality and is mostly preferred by the rich people of the society.

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Final verdict

One can easily circulate the rumours in the market about any smartphone but it is not easy in case of iPhones. These rumours are from the trusted sources and most like to feature in the upcoming models. If not all then some features will surely introduce in the iPhone 8. Rest Company doesn’t make anything official about its products before the launch of its smartphone. So you have to live and dream about these features only till this phone is introduced in the market in couple of years.

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