Is there a service like Twilio that works with short codes in India?

On top of my head there is one company called KAPSYSTEM, One of the leading global bulk SMS service provider.

Like Twilio, KAPSYSTEM offers Short Codes Services for 2-way communication with your customers.

Usually Short Codes Have 2 options:


short codes in India

1) Shared Short Code Service in India or Common Short Code:

It means the short code is shared among the other business or enterprises.The Working of shared short is based on a keyword. Keyword is your short name of your product / service or your company name.

Shared Short Code Features:

  • It’s Cheap and economical service
  • Quick Launch
  • Shared the code share the risk
  • Shared Volume

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2) Dedicated Short Code Service:

Dedicated Short Code is used for exclusive branding and completed control of creating multiple keywords. While it costs more money and time to launch a dedicated short code.

Dedicated Short Code Features:

  • Brand Friendly
  • Better User Experience
  • Portable and Scalable
  • Full control over your Short Code number i.e “52452”

Please specify your requirement whether you want a Shared short code or Dedicated short code. If you are looking for cheaper bulk SMS short code service, i would like to suggest shared short code service.

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