iPhone 8 Rumours

iPhone 8

There are many rumours circulating in the market related to iPhone 8 and its features. Various sources will give you different information regarding release date, features, design, price of iPhone 8 but here we have compiled some information from trusted sources about iPhone 8. Apple usually doesn’t make it public anything related to its new launch till the official launch ... Read More »

Need More Time? Get Home Automation on The go

Home Automation

It is the age of technology where everything is high-tech. In this fast paced world, one thing that we all run short of is – time. You all keep thinking of new ways to save time on both small and big everyday tasks. But all the time that you have is still not enough. So, need more time? – For ... Read More »

Why Is Video Lecture Recording Advantageous?

Video Lecture Recording

What is better than sitting in your home zone, without having to travel the distance to an institute and updating your knowledge just the same. Video lectures have made this possible. The invention of the lecture video recorder is certainly one to thank for. The prime advantages of video lecture recordings are discussed below. Accessible anywhere: If a device supports ... Read More »

Gionee Elife S6: The Thinnest Gionee Phone With Impressive Features

Gionee Elife S6

Expanding its footprint in global market, Chinese giant Gionee has unleashed its ultra-slim handset, Elife S6 in the Indian arena. Designed with perfection, the new metal beauty seeks inspiration from renowned flagships and offers a perfect set of specs with a design profile that just can’t be ignored. Gionee has been aggressive since last few months, but the introduction of ... Read More »

XTrade Helps Us Find The Best Forex Trading Platform

Best Forex Trading Platform

Forex trading is a platform where people do trading, exchange big amount of money to gain extra profits. Nowadays, every individual is jumping to this platform through XTrade to earn something. It has gained vast attention of the people in the world. However, no one denies the fact of living with market fluctuation that also takes away sometimes all or ... Read More »

Points to Consider Before Choosing Hosted Servers

Choosing Hosted Servers

People today are looking for the best ways to sell their products online so they pick a domain name and then choose the most affordable hosted servers to host their site. Choosing SEO Hosted Servers Cost is a major problem to host the web through the web server, but there are other factors that you should observe when considering of ... Read More »

How to select remote usability testing tools?

usability testing

Unmoderated sessions for remote usability testing tools require more complex platforms than the moderated sessions for which online meeting software are good enough. For unmoderated sessions you require a good application which plays the role of a session facilitator. The application guides the participants of the session throughout the session and records the happening. There are many unmoderated remote usability ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J7 – A Phone with Almost Everything!

Samsung Galaxy J7

Launched in the 3rd quarter of the year 2015, the Galaxy J7 is one of the two models introduced, that experts say aim to compete with Motorola’s range of upcoming handsets. The launch included introduction of Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 smartphones in Samsung’s line, with the latter being the larger, more expensive and finer alternative of the two. Build ... Read More »