Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: 5 Specs & Features

The eligible successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the Galaxy S7, is always at its peak in gain attention from all corners. The latest flagship of Samsung has got the positive feedback and denoted as the good handset of the year.
I know you are not going to believe without the description of the why Samsung is getting far better with time. Nobody is spare from the fact of plastic-to-metal evolution in the Samsung all upcoming flagship.
The latest Galaxy S series device is likely to arrive next year and it is standing against Apple’s iPhone 7. The fact is that the iPhone 7 has received stunning claim before others devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7


Let’s check at five of the most vulnerable specs and features of the Galaxy S7:

1. Foldable Design

As ValueWalk said about the previous rumors which was claiming that Samsung will work on the curved screen handset, so it has created Galaxy S7 Edge which is a truly amazing device. It could be possible that the Korean tech giant will successfully craft the Galaxy Note Edge and

2. Stunning Display

Going on the basis of rumor Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S7 is also about to come with a 4K screen. International Business Times explained that this will come with a 5.5-inch AMOLED panel.
There are many who do not know that Sharp has announced the reason behind to produce 4K displays in 5.5-inch Phablet is that it is using IGZO technology.

3. Better Battery Life

Android Origin is claiming that battery life is one of the disappointing factors for the predecessors of the Galaxy S7. The device is packed with a 2,550 mAh power, a downgrade from its predecessor’s 2,800 mAh capacity.
Android Origin is expecting Samsung to have a larger battery and lot of optimizations for the Galaxy S7.

4. Upgraded Camera

Realty Today claimed that Galaxy S7 will be packed with a 30 MP main camera and a 7 MP or 10 MP front snapper.This is going to be huge jump from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and both of them came with 16 MP (rear) and 5 MP (front) cameras.

5. New Processor

According to the SamMobile, Qualcomm is reportedly eyeing Samsung for the production of its next-generation chips and that is the Snapdragon 820. This development has been created for following Samsung’s potential of creating 14-nm process chips, that thing found in the Galaxy S6.Samsung also making chip for ipad air 3.

With these details, it can be expected to the Galaxy S7 suitable for the new Snapdragon processor. GeekSays supports this conception by saying that the chip will feature a custom CPU, graphics core and built-in LTE modem.
Retail price is yet in rumor circle currently, but one thing is that it will be little high priced. What we can get in the Galaxy S7 and what improvement we want to see from the latest flagship? Samsung is rocking and will be rocking undoubtedly and its forthcoming devices are going to bang the market.

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