Storm Safety Strategies for Electrical Technicians

If you’re going to use RF power dividers and other accessories in a location that gets many thunderstorms, you’ll need to understand how to implement tactical procedures to ensure safety. These strategies can help you prevent dangerous situations that could happen while you’re tackling maintenance or repair tasks outdoors on the ground or while on a ladder.

Storm Safety Strategies for Electrical Technicians

Use a Weather App

When the conditions in an environment change, a technician must make adjustments to increase safety. In order to strategically track key spots where a storm can make an impact, you’ll need to use a weather app on a regular basis. The process of setting up the application is easy, as the program will automatically highlight the forecast after proper geographical information is provided.

Monitor the Clouds

In some cases, using an app may not be the best strategy, as many technicians tackle jobs without relying on apps. If you don’t own a smart phone, you can easily detect nearby storms by checking out the clouds that are in the distance. When a major storm is about to impact an area, many of the clouds will be very dark, and the atmosphere around these clouds will be dramatically dim. As a result, the process of spotting lighting strikes in the atmosphere will be easy because the bright electrical blasts will lighten the surroundings.

When lighting is spotted during a maintenance or repair project, you should stop the entire process and relocate. Since power tools and typical maintenance accessories have metal components, they can attract lighting strikes with ease, and this is why you must put all of your tools in a building or in a vehicle while a thunderstorm travels throughout your project zone.

Invest in Proper Weather Accessories

Proper weather accessories can keep your traditional accessories protected whenever a sudden storm generates in a location while you’re tackling general maintenance and repair tasks. If you’re going to work on poles frequently, a durable tool belt with water-resistant features can protect all of your maintenance items. In order to protect bulky power tools that must be transported on a truck, you’ll need a thick automobile cover that can shield everything throughout light and heavy rainstorms.

Many other tools can also boost safety when electrical procedures are implemented in areas where storms occur. Whenever you must relocate in order to avoid a storm, always walk on a ladder carefully in order to avoid slipping if rain soaks the steps.

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