What should be the Strategy of the Students towards Cracking JEE?

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream institution for most aspiring engineers across the county. In the past students have toiled hard and waited for 4-5 years to crack IIT JEE. While others spent years in other colleges while studying for the exam to acquire a seat in IIT. Students were happy even after a year loss if they get into good IIT College in India. However, post 2006; the committee governing the IIT JEE has taken steps for filtering the repeaters. They changed some rules. The newer ones stated that a student can have a maximum of two attempts at cracking IIT JEE. The list of IITs are Varanasi, Bhubaneswar, Bombay, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati.

Cracking JEE

What does it take to crack the IIT JEE?

In general, students who are not brilliant enough or not having much luck, are unable to pass the IIT JEE at first attempt. To be fair, this requires both brilliance as well as luck. There are a lot of complications involved while trying your luck at IIT in India. Like suppose you are not able to cover the syllabus even though you are brilliant at the subjects or the fact that the student has to face the board exam just before appearing for IIT JEE such that they can apply in different IITs in India. So they have to quickly shift their attention towards a different syllabus and a different approach to similar problems which were taught in their board exam syllabus.

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Preparing the right way

There are several goals which the student has to set for himself/herself in order to prepare their minds for the exam. Like how they should study or at how much pace they should approach the different chapters or which type of revision tests would suit them etc. etc. firstly, the student has to decide on whether he/she needs a coaching or not. If they are under professional coaching already, till 12th standards covering their syllabus, they should probably be focusing on preparing at home and revising their gathered knowledge.

How much does coaching influence the preparation?

Professional coaching is very important to know about the structures and various types of questions which are probable to come. Average students do pretty good after they have been trained under professional supervision.

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When is the correct time to avail professional help?

For students who are aiming for cracking JEE at first shot, they have to start preparing for it post class 10 boards. JEE coaching in the 11 and 12 standards is highly recommended. Some students try to avail the JEE tuitions after their 12th boards. This almost never fares out well. As the time gap between the board exams and the JEE exams is too less. So coaching for JEE should not be left unattended till post board exams. Coaching takes a lot of mental pressure as they force your mind to study more than it is habituated in general. Students sometimes are unable to handle so much pressure and become mentally unstable. Hence parents should guide and support their children in more ways than one.

Figuring out what to study

There are a few important details all students need to know about JEE

  • Professional help guides a student towards studying the right way and push you towards the final shot
  • Students must not indulge themselves in enjoyment after the JEE itself
  • Students should utilise the gap of and start preparing for the IIT JEE exams

Good books to consider

Before one starts the preparation, they have to do a bit of research regarding what to study exactly. Figuring out which chapters are important is a key. There are hundreds of books available in the market which promises success to the students. But the question is which ones amongst them can be trusted. Problem solving books are very effective.

  • Arihant books boost up the physics background
  • OP Tondon or OP Agarwal helps in the physical chemistry section
  • For organic chemistry, Solomons and Fryhie is highly recommended

Techniques to boost up your morale

There are several things which one can do to prepare themselves for the JEE advanced syllabus. Marking unsolved questions and getting back to them later is a good way to keep track on not missing any topic. Mark the important ones and get back on revising them every now and then. This is how muscle memory is developed and preparations can be rock solid.

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