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What’s the Lowdown on Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing

It’s been around for a while now, but there’s still plenty of confusion as to its true meaning. You hear various terms bandied about on a regular basis, but there always remains that gray area where the definition is perhaps cumbersome and labored. Add to that the fact that the internet is a constantly changing place. Thus, new marketing terms ... Read More »

5 Android Apps You Must Have in Your Phone!


The internet has drastically changed how people operate their lives. The online space has paved a path to make our life easy like never before. We now have apps for everything. Want to buy property online? There’s an app for that! Need some net banking to be done? Yes, there is an app for that too. Technology has made life ... Read More »

Cutting the Cord : Advantages of VoIP for Business

Cutting the Cord

Where VoIP was once the best kept secret in communication, advances in standards and infrastructure have made the service one of the most exciting concepts in business. VoIP has evolved tremendously since its origins just a few years ago, and presents a number of advantages over a traditional telephone connection in its current form. VoIP uses the Internet to send ... Read More »