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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: 5 Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy S7

The eligible successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the Galaxy S7, is always at its peak in gain attention from all corners. The latest flagship of Samsung has got the positive feedback and denoted as the good handset of the year. I know you are not going to believe without the description of the why Samsung is getting far ... Read More »

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac

dvd fab

The basic function of a DVD copy for Mac is the capacity to eliminate the copy protection which is found on most of the discs from any retailer. DVDFab Mac DVD copy has advanced technology to decrypt the algorithms and making a protected DVD free to copy and clone. This is very handy software to have in your Macintosh operated ... Read More »

Importance of Technology in the Workplace

Technology in the Workplace

The further technology advances, the more significant a role it plays in the workplace. Technology enhances the workplace by allowing businesses to work more cohesively and efficiently. From social networking to video conferencing, there are more opportunities for businesses to grow while cutting back on business costs. Technology has diminished the physical borders hindering businesses from expansion. Including it in ... Read More »

The Best Technology for the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Best Technology

A bachelor pad is one of the luxuries that not every man gets to experience. A bachelor pad is something that should be carefully considered and planned to get the best use and most reward from it. There are a million bachelor pads that turn into dirty basements without any function other than playing video games and eating junk food. ... Read More »

Latest Technologically Equipped Cars

Latest Car Technology

New cars are coming fitted with new technologies such as cameras that check around the car for people on foot, radar that prevents you from floating out of your path, a motor that is ready to turn off naturally at movement lights to monitor fuel. As a result, there will be no more bound to luxurious car models only. It’s ... Read More »

Flexible Mobile Phones – New era in Mobiles

Flexible Mobile Phones

A new era in Mobile Technology has begun with the development of Flexible Mobile Display. Many famous mobile manufactures have geared up to launch their new display phones. Samsung has reviled its first Flexible AMOLED display mobile at CES 2014. LG has also developed flexible display mobile named G-Flex. It has a curved OLED display. Read More »

5G Technology & Services

5G Technology

South Korea is most known for its pioneer work in the field of technology and internet. South Korea was the first country to implement 4G technology for its citizens. Keeping up the good work South Korea has now planned to launch 5G internet module. It is believed 5G will open a new world full of possibilities for new apps and ... Read More »