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Cool Gadgets for Health

Technology is a virtue for the people whose life is saved by Medical Devices. Here is the range of devices that will help you to keep healthy.

Cool Gadgets for Health

Basis Band

Basis Band looks just like wristwatch but embedded with sensors on it and worn just as wristwatch. Basis Band has sensors that monitor heart beat, record its frequency of pumping and speed. It measures level of sweat generated by body and skin temperature. This device can be connected to computer, iOS, Android Smartphone by downloading Basis Band app. By means of the app you can monitor the data stored in device. Basis Band interprets the data and based on the analysis recommends the user to change his/her sleeping pattern. This device will prove useful to keep an eye on persons with cardiac complexities. It is priced at Rs.12,000.

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Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up is an stylish gadget and is worn as wristwatch or wrist accessory that keeps record of users sleeping pattern. The stored data can be assess from Jawbone Up app. It monitors the sleeping pattern and accordingly vibrates to wake user. It takes care of the fact user gets enough sleep before getting up. This helps user to wake up with fresh mind in the morning. It is priced at Rs.4500.

Acupressure Band

As the name suggest it works on acupressure points in our hand. It is worn as wristband. User needs to wear this gadget in his left hand. It has three contacts that touch the three acupressure points in the wrist. This helps to maintain blood pressure level and relaxes nerves and tendons. Good thing is you don’t need to wear it for whole day. Using it just for 30 min before sleep will help you to have clam sleep. It is priced at Rs.6000.

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Go to Sleep Mask

This gadget is a mask that is worn on the eyes while sleeping. On the inside of the mask there are 4 shining lines. You need to concentrate on these lines. Watching these lines continuously will stimulate nerve cells in the brain and will help you to get good sleep. Go to Sleep Mask is priced at Rs.4000.

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