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7 Important Vaastu Shastra Tips For Your Apartment Entrance

For those of you who believe in Vaastu Shastra, I am sure this would be an interesting post for you to read. And for those of you who wish to stay happily and in peace then here are some of the positive aspects for you to keep in mind while playing the front door of your apartment.  These tips would help you with a healthy and a better lifestyle.

The entrance of your apartment is supposed to be the most important one in terms of Vaastu. So check out for tips that you need to remember and implement with regard to the entrance of your apartment.

Vaastu Shastra Tips

The entrance of your house is supposed to evoke a kind of positivity and happiness. So do ensure that it is placed on the right direction. In case of north, place the door on the left half facing the house in a way to welcome the sun rays all the day long. And if in the south avoid placing it in the centre avoid placing the door in the centre and the right half of the home needs to be ideal. In case of west direction the door could be placed on the left right of the home and if in the east the door could be placed on the right half preferably in the north east direction.

For a better Vaastu Shastra of your home entrance do make sure that two homes placed with the opposite direction of the doors are facing the same side. This would actually be uncomfortable for you as well as the others who are residing in the other homes, as it leads to the privacy of the individuals unknowingly. So it is always considered to be good to follow the Vaastu tips for your home entrance bringing harmony to yourself and the ones who are residing along.

The entrance of your apartment especially in terms of the gate and the entrance door should be on the same side. This is more convenient and easy enough for others to enter the house at a great ease than with the door that is placed on the opposite sides. Doing this would help you gain a positive energy for every activity that you do.

As per the Vaastu Shastra an apartment needs to have both entrance and exit door. The first one which is the entrance door needs to be bigger and broader enough while the exit door would be smaller. This again is mainly to help in the circulation of the fresh air inside the house. Of course the windows and chimneys would help at a greater extent the door to play an important role here.

The main door of your house should always be open to the inner part of your house, and in a clock wise direction. This again is a kind of a positive force to attract the good things around bringing positive energy and fresh air that most of us generally require the most.

The entrance door of your apartment should open up in order to see pleasant thing around be it trees or the residential area. This would also mean that anything negative such as the unfinished and abandoned building or the cremation area spreading negativity around the home and entrance.

A self-closing door is generally not considered to be a good sign for an apartment in Bangalore. It is considered to be dangerous especially when you have children’s at home. This could even get auto locked and would be difficult to open if you do not have another key to open.
You can consult the Vaastu experts in order to gain more insights on your apartment in terms of the entrance door, kitchen, bedroom etc.

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