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ASKME : The BAPP of All Apps is Here

ASKME is an application which is developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd., is an useful application which is composed of many of the basic needs of every man’s day to day life. You can discover virtually everything in just few touches. We’ve got many similar programs available in this market but ASKME stands out because of it’s user interface that is quite unique and quite reliable advice to be one of the best of this genre. It’s among the most user friendly program designed to help and please every user.


The ASKME application will give you three different tabs, when you open it. ASKME search, DEALS and Free Ads. By default, in the ASKME Search it’ll detect your location and fill’s the place field with your present city place. If you wish to change the location and search for a different city you are able to very well edit that area and change it. ASKME can be treated as a search engine, but it is an incredibly particular search engine which is able to meet your own business needs. The most essential matter about ASKME search is that it brings up the information that will be very close by to your own locality easily. You either should connect to 3G or Wifi to perform this search.

They will not charge you anything for posting these advertisements, it is completely free of cost. Your ads may cover a wide range of groups like autos, spas, occupations, mobile phones, etc. There are not any constraints in posting an advertisement. It gives the users an easy method to contact the advertiser, as they can be contacted by you with a single click. If you find any improper advertisements you’ll be able to report them if required they will investigate on it and remove them. So there are no room for spamming in this application. All you find here is the information that is legit.

The DEALS section provides you with amazing deals on your locality and some finest deals online. The deals are pulled up by it from Groupon site. So you do not need to visit groupon web site to find a specific deal. You will get them completely in the ASKME application. Only login to your own groupon account and browse through the best bargains. You can create one right from the ASKME application in case you don’t have a Groupon account. The services and products recorded in the Askmebazaar has valid user reviews. Freedom is given by ASKME for every user to compose a review for the goods and services listed in this application.

Pros: Friendly application which gives a bundled service in one place. Elegant and very simple user interface makes an individual to understand better about this program. Genuine reviews about the products are an excellent plus point of this application.

Download this application from Google Play Store now.

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