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Know you Future Phablet : Samsung Galaxy Note 5

In past ten years or so, smart phones have established themselves firmly as an important member of the tech family in almost all the countries over the globe. There is no shortage of smartphone manufacturers like Apple, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry etc. but the one which has become very crucial and indispensable in the Tech market is none other than the Korean firm – Samsung. The firm has established it firmly in other gadgets too but it continuies to be the masters in the field of smart phones in last few years. Samsung is amongst those best and major competitors in the smartphone market that has always succeeded in providing the quality enriched smart phones to its regular consumers from all around the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The first galaxy note marked its first appearance in year 2011 at an event IFA Berlin and then started a trend of release of the ‘Galaxy note’ every year, like a gift to all tech lovers. Since its release of first note, Samsung has been successful in making its market better and stronger with every passing year.

There is yet no confirmed news about Galaxy note five by the firm itself but its speculations have already generated heat and excitement in the world of smart phones.

Here we come to provide you with all sort of information related to specs, features, release date and price of the amazing Samsung Galaxy note 5.


• It will come in Exynos true 8- core processor or Qualcomm’s snapdragon 81X clocked around 2.9 GHz
• Galaxy note five will come with 4GB RAM atleast, possibility of 4.5-5.0GB RAM is also there.
• It will be having 32/64 Gigs inbuilt storage (two variants), having the capacity of expanding memory up to 128 GB
• You will get to experience-Android 5.0 Lollipop or 6.0 Android
• Most important need of today’s tech geeks- amazing camera, which Samsung has kept in mind while developing Note 5. You will get 20.9 MP main cameras and a 5MP secondary camera in this note series.
• 3400-3900 mah battery
• Another good news-2g,3g & 4g network support which means better internet connectivity
• Water and dust proof body
• Metal body
• Corning Gorilla glass 4
• HDMI port
• USB host


Though samsung hasn’t yet announced anything regarding galaxy note 5, so like many other features, we are unaware of its launch date too. However we can speculate bit about its launching date. Since its very first launch in October 2011, it has been following the same trajectory of releasing its note series. Therefore, we are expecting the samsung galaxy note 5 to release in September 2015. This is seen as a launching date all over the world.

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Price of samsung galaxy note 5 also needs to be speculated. If we observe the price of last note series, we will find that the price of note series has been around $865-$950 which allows us to expect its price no less than $1000-$1200. After all, its the SAMSUNG, you can’t expect to get its touch at easy pay.

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